Last Mile Delivery Experience Study 2023

Real-Time Tracking Report

Survey Participants
Survey Participants

The final mile delivery process is becoming increasingly complex and expensive, and all parts of the value chain are feeling the pressure. Real-Time Tracking (RTT) has become a major turntable of last mile delivery orchestration and user experience. 

Bettermile's Last Mile Delivery Experience Study aims to paint a coherent picture of the status quo of RTT services and customer expectations around it.

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Discover what expectations recipients have of real-time tracking, how they use the services and how actual experience is delivered by DHLDPDGLSHermesAmazon as well as InstaboxLiefergrünGlocally and Urbify.

Key Findings

It became clear that the real-time characteristics of the information varied greatly from carrier to carrier, with static time windows at the beginning of the delivery day being the most basic type, and live vehicle location during the last mile being the current pinnacle of real-time tracking.

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Martin Schaefer, Director, Der Kurier

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