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Discover the 5 critical stages of a parcel service provider's transformation journey. Watch our video to anticipate the market’s future and benchmark your company's progress.

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Where productivity meets 

Real growth happens when productivity and experience go hand in hand. Because to truly accelerate your last mile delivery business, efficiency also needs to feel right.



of consignees rely on real-time tracking ETAs

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More freedom for drivers and consignees 
to carry on with their day.

Why Bettermile means 
better business.

There are multiple benefits that come with Bettermile – in the depot, on the road, at every waypoint and every door. These are the biggest ones for your bottom line.

Rapid productivity gains.

The quick start you get with Bettermile boosts your productivity fast. Our intuitive toolset makes every tour leaner and more productive from day one. That way, you can cope with booming parcel volumes more effectively.

Motivated drivers, satisfied consignees.
More control over your business.
Proven integration path.

Partnering to transform 
your last mile deliveries.

Change can be bumpy. We strive to make it a smoother ride: for you, your depots and drivers. From technical support and data analysis to ride-alongs with drivers, we're relentless in our quest to help you finish your final mile strong.

Better for everyone.

With Bettermile, everyone wins. Drivers get tours done faster, satisfied receivers become loyal customers, your business grows.

  • Fast productivity effects.
    Our cutting-edge toolset for tour optimization, driver navigation and tour management makes every piece of your last mile more efficient. Your company can stay competitive and cope with increasing parcel volumes.
  • Easy, fast IT integration.
    We provide different options – from a ready-to-use app to a deeply integrated API – to get our SaaS suite up and running quickly for your fleet. Your depot also receives support with driver training and everything you need to put Bettermile to work for your business.
  • Low investment risk.
    With our scalable SaaS price model, you can transform at your own pace. Our Success Management Team supports your operations at every step of your digital transformation journey.
  • Higher driver productivity.
    Bettermile improves productivity on many fronts. You'll see delivery performance increase thanks to leaner routes, high-quality addresses, fewer returns to sender and a higher first attempt delivery rate. Your new drivers can also be trained faster, for a more resilient fleet.
  • Real-time fleet transparency.
    If parcels aren't moving, you want to know fast. With live monitoring of tour quality and performance, you can act quickly if a driver needs support. Drivers can also receive prompt feedback on route performance.
  • Access to better talent.
    Staying competitive often means appealing to quality players. Bettermile empowers ambitious drivers and subcontractors to deliver faster. Plus, its ease of use means even new drivers can be onboarded more quickly – rookies are up to four times more productive within their first two weeks.
  • Leaner routes with the app. 
    Dynamic route optimization with traffic and timeframe consideration empowers drivers to get more done and feel in charge of their tour.
  • More focus for the next waypoint.
    Thanks to turn-by-turn navigation with audio prompts, drivers can keep their focus where it needs to be. 
  • Better address data.
    With address correction and normalization, verifying street names and searching for the right addresses becomes a thing of the past. Even for drivers who are new in town. 
  • Delighted consignees.
    Highly accurate, dynamic ETAs mean consignees are often waiting at the door to accept deliveries. 
  • Highly performant.
    As a tech-driven company, we rely on robust and resilient data exchange to empower logistics. Either file-based or via API. Our Dev Team builds smart connector solutions for yours.
  • Documentation that coders love.
    On the data side, we offer well-documented APIs, libraries and sample code. Plus integration support from our experts. The result: easy and fast IT integration that makes developers smile.
  • Multiple integration options.
    On the device side, we provide multiple app, mobile device and MDM integration options that adjust to your IT ecosystem and hardware. We help you leverage a fast start and offer solutions for further implementation stages. 
  • No more wondering about deliveries.
    Once a parcel leaves the depot, consignees have full transparency. They can watch a parcel's progress and get exact ETAs – even if things change during delivery. Our goal: helping people plan and get on with their day. 
  • Stress-free handovers.
    Consignees accept parcels from a driver who has their time in mind. Giving direct feedback about delivery experiences is always possible.
  • Flexible drop-off alternatives.
    Can't accept in person? We also offer flexible, ad-hoc options for delivery. Consignees simply say when and where. 

Bettermile was incredibly easy to scale. Without it, we never would have been able to handle demand during the pandemic.

Dr. Karl Pfaff CEO GLS Group

productivity in practicing new drivers

24h in the life of Bettermile.

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Parcels processed in 24h
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Addresses processed
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Tours accomplished
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Tracking API requests
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Addresses processed

Company and careers.

Curious about the company behind the Bettermile product suite? We invite you to get a glimpse of our culture, our team and our tranformation mindset. 

Plus we're growing, so we might just have a career opportunity that speaks to your skills and experience.

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