Better Places

Better Places: the geocoding API with address intelligence for the last mile.

Take your last-mile delivery performance to the next level thanks to high-quality address data and an advanced geocoding API.

Say hello to clean, high-quality address data.

Delivery addresses can contain all sorts of errors: illegible special characters, missing house numbers, incorrect postal codes. Drivers spend precious time searching for the right street name or number – and returns to sender increase costs.

But now there’s help: Better Places helps you conquer address chaos. It cleans, normalizes, verifies and validates addresses. Based on that data, our unique geocoding API delivers high-quality coordinates, so even new drivers find destinations the first time around.

Your benefits with Better Places.

Higher delivery rates

Validated addresses allow drivers to pinpoint locations faster, saving time with every route.

Fewer returns to sender

Finding the right location from the beginning, means you save time and resources – and avoid costly returns to sender.

Enhanced delivery performance

Benefit from smoother deliveries all around thanks to intelligent functions that reduce manual effort.

Higher delivery rates

Validated addresses allow drivers to pinpoint locations faster, saving time with every route.

What makes our geocoding API unique?

Better Places is the only all-in-one geocoding API for the last mile. It supports delivery drivers with high-quality addresses, geo-coded locations and even enriched waypoint data.

Poor quality in address data is a persistent problem for delivery. With Better Places, we send our drivers to the right places and improve our master data significantly.

Mattia Bertozzini, IT Manager GLS Italy

geocoding success rate

Who benefits from Better Places?

Delivery providers rely on accurate waypoint data at every step of their route.

BetterPlaces provides delivery service providers with a highly accurate address correction and geocoding tool superior to other solutions.

Case Study

GLS Spain saves 15 minutes on every route.

Inefficiencies from inaccurate delivery addresses prompted GLS Spain to adopt Better Places. After just 3 months, drivers could shave 15 minutes from every tour.

Want to get started with Better Places? All it takes is around a half a day of coding. Then you'll be ready to send addresses and get them normalized instantly. Get in touch with us (or read our FAQs) to see whether Better Places is available in your country.

FAQs: Better Places geocoding API.

What does address normalization mean?

Address normalization is the very first step in the address cleansing process. Unstructured raw data are “scrubbed”, removing any unwanted characters, and parsed into components. These components are then converted into a normalized format and tagged. From there, the address can be standardized according to any country database or geocoder standard. Normalized address components allow you to be much more flexible and less dependent on raw data than if you were to clean your addresses according to any one specific standard from the outset.

What’s the advantage of the Better Places geocoding API?
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