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Welcome to the Last Mile Delivery Meetup: How to build a parcel delivery service as a tech product

We're going to be live on Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022 at 6 pm CET. Join the live stream via this page.

#1 Operations Control

With its rapid growth, legacy systems and poor user experience, parcel delivery is a major field of digital transformation. Teams around the world are working on resolving the contradiction between productivity and user experience with the help of technology. The Last Mile Delivery Meetup brings together established parcel service providers and innovative trailblazers to share experiences and know-how.

The first session will focus on the topic of operations control - how tech helps planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling deliveries.


Simon Seeger
Benedikt Stolze
Benjamin Levine
Tim Schmidt
Q&A and Networking

Welcoming words by Simon Seeger, Managing Director, Bettermile

Tapping into his experiences as Urbify CEO and Founder—Dr. Benedikt Stolze will explain how to enable Operations to achieve a delivery rate beyond 99% on the first attempt. Ben provides valuable insights into Urbify's end-to-end proprietary technology.

Paris might be one of the most complex delivery zones in Europe. Co-founder & CEO Benjamin and his teams at Tousfacteur have built up a fleet and technology that cope with this jungle. We are excited to learn about their operations layer.

As Director for Depot Processes & Ops Digitalization at GLS Germany, Tim is a digital focal point of one of the leading parcel delivery companies in Europe. Learn how to steer thousands of delivery drivers in a complex network of delivery partners with the right tech tooling.

The Last Mile Delivery Meetup offers a platform for everyone in the last mile delivery business to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest technologies, and build a lasting network of logistics professionals.

Meetup #1: Operations Control
Nov 30, 2022, 6 pm CET

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