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Welcome to the Last Mile Delivery Meetup: Geospatial - The Magic of Location in Last Mile Delivery

We've been live on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2022 at 6 pm CET. Watch the recording of the last meetup here.

#2 The Magic of Location in Last Mile Delivery

We are excited to bring you speakers from leading delivery companies GLS and Hermes and geospatial technology innovators Truemetrics and Bettermile to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from location data.


David Niñoles Asin
Alexander Reddehase
Ingo Boegemann
Octavio Herrera
Q&A and Networking

With more than 6,000 delivery vehicles in over 620 agencies, GLS Spain and Portugal operate one of the strongest parcel networks in Iberia. As CDO, David is driving the digital efforts on the subcontinent. He will show how poor location data threatens and how accurate data can be leveraged for use cases such as fraud prevention and carbon footprinting.

With more than a billion parcels a year, errors in address and location data are almost untenable. It is central to an efficient delivery process and a satisfactory user experience. As Head of Last Mile Development at Hermes Germany, Alex is at the forefront of this challenge and we're looking forward to hearing about his experiences with location data.

As Co-founder of Berlin-based startup truemetrics, Ingo is working on the future of location data. We will learn how motion detection and machine learning can fill gaps in location data sets in the delivery process. Its application can lead to better ETAs and higher delivery productivity.

As Product Owner for Better Places, Octavio has encountered a variety of challenges with address processing and geocoding and have learned the specifics of the delivery industry the hard way. Get insights on location challenges from a tech perspective.

The Last Mile Delivery Meetup offers a platform for everyone in the last mile delivery business to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest technologies, and build a lasting network of logistics professionals.

Meetup #3
May, 2023, 6 pm CET

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