Address Intelligence's Role in Last-Mile Delivery

White Paper on Precise Locations

What you can learn:

● Discover how address normalization enhances geocoding success by up to 10%.

● Uncover the long-term benefits of address validation in improving location data accuracy.

● Explore the advantages of location data made for parcel logistics for a more informed delivery approach.

● Learn how a driver feedback loop can help to continuously improve and fact-check geocoding results on the ground.

What is address intelligence?

Address intelligence refers to the systematic and advanced management of location-based data, primarily focusing on addresses, to ensure accuracy, completeness, and relevance. It encompasses various processes, including address validation, verification, standardization, and geocoding, all aimed at enhancing the quality and usability of address information.

Help your drivers get to the right location without a delay.

​​From incomplete addresses to misspelled names and gaps in mapping software, numerous hurdles can cause your drivers to lose valuable time on deliveries – and even fail to find a stop the first time around. Discover how Better Places alleviates these challenges with advanced address intelligence, ensuring no package is left behind.