Real-Time Tracking 2023

Last Mile Delivery Experience Study

Survey Participants
Survey Participants

The process of Last Mile Parcel Delivery is becoming increasingly complex and expensive, and all parts of the value chain are feeling the pressure. Real-Time Tracking (RTT) has become a major turntable of last mile delivery orchestration and User Experience. 

The first European Last Mile Delivery Experience Study aims at painting a coherent picture of the status quo of RTT services with all the major German carriers as well as some selected relevant startups.

What is considered real-time tracking?

Real-time tracking refers to the continuous monitoring and reporting of the location and status of an object or entity during its journey or delivery. It involves providing up-to-the-minute information to users regarding the real-time progress, position, and estimated arrival time of a parcel or shipment. Unlike conventional parcel tracking, which only logs scan events, real-time tracking offers live updates in short intervals, allowing consignees to receive timely and accurate information about their deliveries. This includes features such as adjusting estimated arrival time windows, displaying the truck's position on a map, and indicating the number of remaining stops until the parcel reaches its destination.

Methodology & Background

Real Live Test

Over 100 parcels/orders sent to various addresses across Germany.

Online Survey

1300 participants who received at least one parcel within the last 90 days.

Different Services

17 consignees in 10 different cities using GLS, DHL, DPD, Hermes, Amazon, Glocally, Urbify, Instabox and Liefegrün.

Real Live Test

Over 100 parcels/orders sent to various addresses across Germany.

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Discover what expectations recipients have of real-time tracking, how they use the services and how actual experience is delivered by DHL, dpd, GLS, Hermes, Amazon as well as Instabox, Liefergrün, Glocally and Urbify.

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