Last Mile Delivery Meetup

Are you in the driver’s seat of the transformation? Learn which technologies to keep an eye on in the dynamic parcel market. Be ready for an autonomous future.

When? 15th May, 2024
Where? Berlin & online - Oranienstr. 183 (Aufgang B), 10999 Berlin
Start & live stream 6 pm CET / 12 noon EDT, doors open 5 pm CET

Hybrid Event

Adapting to the Future of Parcel Delivery

What does the future hold for parcel delivery in the next decade? While the full extent to which drones and autonomous robots will be integrated remains to be seen, one thing is clear: the landscape will increasingly lean towards autonomy and consumer expectations for flexibility and control will grow as technological advancements redefine our daily lives.

Join the next Last Mile Delivery Meetup to discuss the steps necessary for adaptation and explore the cutting-edge tools that are paving the way to the future of parcel delivery

Speakers & Talks

Speakers at Meetup #6

We are proud to share that experts from McKinsey and Bettermile will speak at the Last Mile Delivery Meetup: Adapting to the Future of Parcel Delivery. A third speaker will be announced soon.

Ali Kamal Headshot

Ali Kamil, Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company

Ali Kamil brings a wealth of expertise in travel, logistics, and infrastructure, derived from his roles as the CTO/Co-Founder of several digital startups. With a career spanning innovative ventures and strategic leadership, he has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation within logistics. Ali will present a study on digitizing mid- and last-mile logistics handovers, highlighting innovative technologies to address inefficiencies in logistics chains and the potential to save billions in the industry annually.

Simon Seeger

Simon Seeger, Managing Director at Bettermile

Simon Seeger is a logistics industry expert and serial entrepreneur with a passion for revolutionizing last mile delivery. As the founder of Bettermile, he has developed a cutting-edge SaaS solution that dynamically optimizes delivery routes in real time and provides an engaging tracking experience to receivers, leading to increased productivity and an enhanced customer experience across 13 countries. Simon will unveil "The 5 Levels of Delivery Orchestration," a framework he developed to understand the future of parcel delivery and guide organizations toward the forefront of AI and automation in the final mile.


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Highlights & Key Topics
We believe that collaboration is key to creating lasting change in the industry. Parcel logistics experts, technology innovators, and last mile disruptors pitch their ideas and share best practices to transform the final mile. Get insights into topics like Operations, Analytics, Geospatial, Route Optimization, Dispatching, Location Intelligence, Machine Learning & AI, Big Data, and more.

A Logistics Community

The Last Mile Delivery Meetup is a platform for radical thoughts and innovative thinking. The hybrid event series offers the chance to make connections, get inspired, and engage in exciting discussions about last-mile transformation.

Everyone in last mile delivery

We’re open to all—no matter your role in our sector. From operations to product & tech, the meetup provides 360-degree discussions across the range of challenges in last mile delivery.

Tech innovators

Developments in tech happen fast, so innovators need a place to share ideas. Our forum is a knowledge exchange and networking hub for professionals that want to transform the delivery experience and boost operational efficiency.

Logistics giants and trailblazers

The Last Mile Delivery Meetup unites established parcel delivery service providers and start-ups—fostering the development of new and exciting synergies.

Everyone in last mile delivery

We’re open to all—no matter your role in our sector. From operations to product & tech, the meetup provides 360-degree discussions across the range of challenges in last mile delivery.

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